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Where surfing in Goa Began!

Aloha Surf School was carved out of the ocean waves by Velu, who learnt the craft on a broken board.

The newest surf school along the vast Indian shoreline the Aloha Surf community (ASC) is the dream project of veteran surfer and ISA certified surf instructor, Velumurgan aka Velu.

Velu is 34 years old and has been surfing for 14 years. Over the years he has been to the Andamans, Bali and Sri Lanka to mention a few killer breaks. He was working in a guest house on Repos beach, Pondicherry, and a tourist there had broken his board. Velu took the board, fixed it and started using it.

Aloha Surf School became a reality on Christmas Day 2014 due to the combined efforts of skateboarders and surfers of Holystoked Skateboarding and Temple Surfboards. Located on the beautiful beach of Agonda in South Goa,

ASC has already taught over a hundred students and surf enthusiasts.

Aloha’s Surfboards

Unlike most startups, setting up ASC didn't cost Velu any money. The shop was owned by a friend and all the boards were courtesy Temple surfboards.

ASC is easy to spot despite the hundreds of tourists frolicking the beach daily, because of its inimitable graffiti of a Langur surfing into a squid.

Originally from Pondichery, Velu believes his surf school is the perfect place for beginners to learn surfing. Agonda is a good spot because there are no rocks on the beach.

An Individual lesson costs 1800 INR per hour. The school is open all days of the week 7 A.M to 7 P.M, October to May.

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